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octubre 11, 2021 |

The provisional program of the Second World Inequality Conference (version 1; subject to changes) is available [this version 11.10.2021]. Please, check this page regularly for updates. ... Continuar leyendo

Can Redistribution Keep Up with Inequality?
septiembre 20, 2021 |

Can Redistribution Keep Up with Inequality? Evidence from South Africa, 1993-2019 In this paper, Aroop Chatterjee, Léo Czajka and Amory Gethin shed new light on ... Continuar leyendo

Discover our new website:
septiembre 8, 2021 |

    We are thrilled to announce that the World Inequality Lab has launched a new website: The aim of this website is to ... Continuar leyendo

Article by Facundo Alvaredo, Denis Cogneau and Thomas Piketty published in the Journal of Development Economics
septiembre 8, 2021 |

    The article “Income inequality under colonial rule. Evidence from French Algeria, Cameroon, Tunisia, and Vietnam and comparisons with British colonies 1920–1960”, by Facundo ... Continuar leyendo

New book: “Brève histoire de l’égalité”, by Thomas Piketty (French)
agosto 26, 2021 |

« Les questions économiques sont trop importantes pour être laissées à une petite classe de spécialistes et de dirigeants. La réappropriation citoyenne de ce savoir ... Continuar leyendo

Newsletter | July 2021
julio 23, 2021 |

  📚 Book: “Political Cleavages and Social Inequalities” Who votes for whom and why? Why has growing inequality in many parts of the world not ... Continuar leyendo

Global Income Inequality, 1820-2020
julio 20, 2021 |

Global Income Inequality, 1820-2020: The Persistence and Mutation of Extreme Inequality   In this paper, Lucas Chancel and Thomas Piketty mobilize newly available historical series from ... Continuar leyendo

Income and Wealth Inequality in Hong Kong
julio 15, 2021 |

Income and Wealth Inequality in Hong Kong, 1981-2020: The Rise of Pluto-Communism?   In this paper, Thomas Piketty and Li Yang combine national accounts, household surveys, ... Continuar leyendo

Top Income Adjustments and Inequality
julio 13, 2021 |

Top Income Adjustments and Inequality:  An Investigation of the EU-SILC   In this paper, Rafael Carranza, Marc Morgan and Brian Nolan use the top income ... Continuar leyendo